Flatrock Square - Englewood, NJ

Flatrock Square - Englewood, NJ


Alvista Towngate - Moreno Valley, CA

December 03, 2014

Multi-Housing News – TODAY’S DEALS: Phoenix Realty Group Buys 600 Units in Colorado

“With its close proximity to Highway 225 and the expanded Denver RTD light rail system that will open in 2016, [Chelsea Park Village] is situated in a key area with great potential to meet the expanding needs of the market,” says Keith Rosenthal, president of Phoenix Realty Group, regarding the firm’s recent acquisition of the 600-unit multifamily property in Aurora, Colorado known as Chelsea Park Village.

“Denver has proven to have a dynamic economy, and this complex provides housing to the area’s growing population in a unique and expansive campus-like setting, distinguishing it from other apartment communities in the area,” says Rosenthal.

This is an excerpt of the article “TODAY’S DEALS: Phoenix Realty Group Buys 600 Units in Colorado” which appeared on Multi-Housing News on Dec. 3, 2014.