5th On The Park – New York, NY

5th On The Park – New York, NY

PRG Attributes

PRG is differentiated by its breadth of experience, longevity in multifamily acquisitions and track record.

We strive to bring institutional quality improvements and management practices to better serve those living in our residential units, almost all of which are rental properties, either market-rate or affordable.


U.S. Targeted Geography

PRG has three acquisition teams focused on the East Coast, West Coast/Mountain and Central Regions which allows us to target a wide range of geographies throughout the United States.


Cycle Tested Experience

PRG’s five principals have on average over 30 years experience, providing tangible benefits like reputational integrity and multiple cycle experiences.


Breadth of Experience

We believe PRG’s experience encompasses all facets of multifamily investing, providing a broader lens to evaluate opportunities.